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Rapid city transfer

We will bring your new purchased items quickly and safely  you require

Transport from hotel

We can help to assist with transporting your items from the Hotel to your new home.  We also provide a receipt that you can claim on your travel voucher.

Airport transfer

You can count on us to bring your items to and from the airport.

Baggage transport

We provide baggage transport to and from the Airport or Train station.


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Curb 2 Curb Transport provides transportation of personal property items for military members and civilians based in Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern locations.

Buying and transporting smaller goods is easy enough, but when you’re in a new country, deliveries for larger furniture items and multiple item purchases make transporting them to our homes a little more challenging.


Curb 2 Curb Transport provides additional community support through the donation of time in helping the Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club, Inc. (WCSC) in the relocation of their entire Thrift Shop (inventory and fixtures) from one base to another.

Our drivers also assisted community members and WCSC sister organizations in shuttling large furniture items and fixtures to the new shop.

Curb 2 Curb Transport was even recognized as the Thrift Shop’s June 2019 Volunteer of the Month for the many hours and efforts put into assisting the community.

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